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Cosmic Blue Ridge Mystic is our Third Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael variety). She was preceded by Magic, and Shaman. She was born on January 11, 2001 in New Jersey at Cosmic Belgians, the home of Renée and Roman Artymyshyn. [White Girl] She took on the temporary alias of "white girl" shortly thereafter. Her sire is Ch. Cochise van't Belgisch Schoon, and her dam is none other than Magic's littermate, Ch. Cosmic Eclat de Cygne Noir, NA, NAJ, CGC, HIC ("Meg"; there's a picture of Magic and Meg on Magic's page).

When she was a scant 5 weeks old, we visited her and her littermates (she has four sisters and two brothers) at Cosmic Belgians. That's when the picture on the right was taken. We didn't think she'd be "the one" at the time, but this was before the puppies were temperament tested and before the Artymyshyns had a good handle on the pups' personalities.

[Mystic and friends]

A few weeks' later, "white girl" (Mystic) and one of her brothers (now called Zack) were transported to Richmond by Adrienne (Renée's sister, and co-owner of Meg). The next day, we drove over to bring Mystic home. It didn't take her long to fit in with her "Uncle Magic" and the rest of the family.

Puppy Classes and Basic Obedience!

She came, she saw, she graduated! Not only did she get through puppy class, but Mystic now has a nice certificate to prove that she went through Basic Obedience. Right near the end of this, she took time off to go visit some greyhound friends of Magic's in New Jersey, to say Hi to the Artymyshyns again, Mystic in Maine and to sniff around Downeast Maine. Needless to say, she had lots of fun doing all this (though she definitely wasn't sure about the greyhounds' roommate "Rugby" [a funny looking critter everyone called a "cat"]), and she's ready to do more vacationing whenever we're ready!

Acadia Shore

More Classes, and Graduation!

Now (November 2001) Mystic has not one, but two graduation certificates. She's been through basic (Level 1, see above), and Level 2. Not only that, but on the last night, she had the fastest "front" of any of the dogs! Go Mystic!

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