Apologies in advance for the "retro" appearance of this page; it's in sore need of a sprucing up. I'll get to it one of these days.

I have a bunch of pages scattered around the net.
This here domain allows me to tie them together,
and give my significant other's various books, sequels, and upcoming releases some publicity.

Here's a brief intro to the main ones...

Pat Murphy's Maze of Twisty Little Passages
My maze of twisty little passages, all different...
Pat Murphy's Work Page
My work page. Not quite as interesting. Need to update that logo.
Irish and Celtic Thingies
Irish and Celtic Thingies. Like this page, in need of an overhaul.


Not much goes on in our lives these days without dogs having some influence on them, so here are those that have managed to get themselves published on the web thus far. Some are silly and amusing, some are dead serious.

Shaman's Story; bring a kleenex
Shaman's Story; our first Belgian Sheepdog. Kleenex required.
Magic's Page.  I'm a black dog.  Woof!
Magic; our second Belgian. Completely different and fun!
Chinook's Story; A husky with lupus?
Chinook's page. Another serious one.

There's more, but you'll have to go exploring above to find them. Putting a link to all the other pages I (pretend to) support here would make it way too cluttered. Been there, done that.

If you like what I've done here, find a dead link (ack!) or have other comments, drop me a note (but not spam).

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