Thistle and Shamrock

The FORMER Thistle and Shamrock UNOFFICIAL Stations List

This Facility is no longer maintained.

While it's left up for historical reasons, the Official NPR-based Thistle & Shamrock web site now has a similar, up-to-date and actively maintained facility; I suggest you use it instead.

This page used to provide a way to find the (US) National Public Radio stations in your state that were known to carry the Thistle & Shamrock program. It was based on a list of about 380 stations compiled from 1993 through about 2002, mostly by volunteers. The full list is still accessible as a plain text file (about 30 Kilobytes), but was frozen in mid-2003 after being largely moribund for many years. It's definitely an antique now (not unlike yours truly...)

What is left below is historic in nature and for reference only.


The information in the text of the full list) may be freely passed on to others, provided this disclaimer and the source are both included and provided that the information derived from this page never be sold or traded. Give it freely or not at all.

I have NO connection with the Thistle & Shamrock, Fiona Ritchie Productions, NPR, WFAE, or any other radio station. I'm just a satisfied listener who for many years maintained this list for the benefit of others.


For radio programs airing Celtic type music other than the Thistle and Shamrock, see Gerard Manning's list at (The info therein pointing back at my list is out of date; the old "celtic" Stanford system is long gone).


For more information on the Thistle and Shamrock, check out NPR's official web page on the program at You can find a schedule of what will be on upcoming broadcasts at For additional Irish/Celtic resources on internet, check out my Irish and Celtic Thingies page.


The list on which this page is based is one that I started to maintain back in 1993, when the UseNet newsgroup first got started (it needed some content and this was my contribution). I used to post a text version of it about every two weeks, and asked each time for volunteers to let me know of new stations or changes. In mid-1997, the program got its own web site, and over the years they've gradually improved it to the point that my efforts here are no longer needed.


My thanks go to Gerard Manning for space on the Ceolas site from 1994-1999, and to Chris Morris for the gratis space on the Cornerstone server from 1995-1999; also Matt Mead for space on I would also like to thank the hundreds of volunteers who have sent in reports of changes to the list. Your efforts were appreciated by many listeners!

Patrick P. Murphy
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