The Dreaming - Wind Talker  

A Novel by Kim Murphy
ISBN–13: 978–0–9716790–9–2 (trade paperback)

Seasoned police detective Lee Crowley investigates the scene of a partially buried skeleton. A forensic anthropologist determines the remains to be over 200 years old. Reconstruction of the face verifies the skeleton to be Native American—and a mirror image of Lee.

Lee's wife Phoebe is a cunning woman from the seventeenth century. She guides him through the misty world of “the dreaming.” She gives him an arrowhead made by his long dead father, and Lee is haunted by his mother's murder. Will the series of strange events connect him with his past? Or will he discover the skeleton was in fact—himself?

Wind Talker is the sequel to the award-winning Walks Through Mist, the first book in The Dreaming series.

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Cover art by Roberta Marley

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