The Dreaming - Walks Through Mist

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The Dreaming — Walks Through Mist — Reviews

It's going to leave scorch marks

Murphy's latest is a haunting tale of love and time travel... Readers will love Lee and Phoebe's story and will be fascinated by the journey to discover when and where Phoebe is from, and her connection to Lee... [they] begin their journey through Phoebe's past as they explore the connection that burns so hot between them it's going to leave scorch marks.

—Sabrina Cooper, RT Book Review

An Intriguing Tale intriguing tale and will prove quite the read

—Midwest Book Review

A most enjoyable and unusual story

This is a most enjoyable and unusual story from an author with a history of writing historical and supernatural novels... if you enjoy history, and the rather rare experience of reading a grownup paranormal romance that features neither vampires nor werewolves, then this is surely for you.

—Rachel A. Hyde,

A Transporting Tale...

A transporting tale of star-crossed lovers caught between cultures and time.

—Mary Sharratt, Author of Daughters of the Witching Hill

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The full version of this novel is now available from Coachlight Press in Trade Paperback format; and many fine regular and online bookstores. A Kindle version is also available from Amazon.

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