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Appomattox, Virginia

Welcome to Bygone Days. We are an e-zine that features Historical Fiction. If you have an article pertaining to historical fiction, a completed short story in any historical sub-genre, a historical movie or book review, we'd like to see it.

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by K.A. Corlett November 2004

Dear Readers, Writers, and fellow hist-fic fanatics,

How fast the days pass! Read More...

by K.A. Corlett February 2004

Dear Readers, Writers, and fellow hist-fic fanatics,

Welcome to Bygone Days... Read More...

Contraception: Civil War Style
by Kim Murphy September 2004

Contrary to popular belief, the Victorians paved the way to modern birth control. Read more...

Short Stories...  
The Fallen Women of San Francisco
by Jesse Knight November 2004

We all need role models. Some are just more fun than others. Full Story...

Sergeant of Drummers
by Brooks Carver October 2004

Jim boosted the boy over the trench and into the muddy killing ground between the lines. Full Story...

Winter of 1917
by Brenda Birch September 2004

All that was good and beautiful fled from me that evening... Full Story...

Playing With Fire
by Ruth Zavitz August 2004

Farmer Freeman Jones encounters a flapper and finds himself out of his depth. Full Story...

Book Reviews...  
Hadrian's Wall
by William Dietrich July 2004

...a story about the strange things that happen on the edge of the world Read more...

by Lynne Connolly June 2004

Venice, another in Lynne Connolly's Richard and Rose series continues the tale of these two lovebirds... Read more...

Gudrun's Tapestry
by Joan Schweighardt April 2004

...an earthy Nordic tale of love, betrayal, destiny, and magic. Read more...

Honor & Glory
by Kim Murphy March 2004

...the sequel to Kim Murphy's excellent Civil War novel Promise & Honor, continues that superlative story with the feisty McGuire sisters and their beaus. Read more...

by Lynne Connolly February 2004

...a a truly engaging romance about an unusual heroine. Read more...

Movie Reviews...  
Le Roi Danse and Vatel: A Comparative Review
reviewed by K.A. Corlett June 2004

If you're in the mood for an evening of luscious period drama, allow me to suggest a couple of morsels that will have you licking your chops... Read more...

The Count of Monte Cristo
reviewed by K.A. Corlett February 2002

How do you condense an 850-page book into 2 action-and-intrigue-packed hours of silver screen time? Read more...


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