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History, Re-enactments

James Groarke tells me of an interesting event that was held in Carrigtwohill in County Cork on the 31st of August (1997). To quote him:

An old fair day will be re-enacted at Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork on 31-Aug-97. A charter granted by King Henry III on September 28th, 1234, was recently discovered. The Charter granted to Sir David de Barra and his heirs the right to hold a fair day once a year in Carrigtwohill village, County Cork. On Sunday, the 31st of August 1997, an old fashioned fair day will be held in Carrigtwohill, County Cork to mark the discovery of the charter. Barry families from all over the world will be especially welcome.

For further information see his webpage; I believe his mail address is on it. This sounds like an intriguing event; hopefully it has become an annual event.

If you have a hankering for reading some of the oldest and most famour of Irish Mythological stories, you can't go far wrong with Steve Taylor's pages on the Táin Bó Cúlainge, or even better, the fascinating story that predates it, Mac Dathó's Pig (1998 April 20). The latter has 12th century Irish on one side and the modern English translation on the other. You can see quite a strong Latin influence in the old Irish...

If you're interested in information on the Irish Famine of the 1840's that resulted from the failure of the potato crop due to blight, look at the Northern Ireland Famine History Society's page. It's located at Queens University, Belfast. Here's another one which goes into more depth about the Famine itself. You may also read some of the newspaper articles of the time (and see the engravings) on the Views of the Famine pages (updated in Jan. and then August 1996) put together by Steve Taylor. Additions now include extracts from the Cork Examiner, and a new, frequently updated section on "150 years ago today". Thanks to Kevin Killion for pointing me at those pages, and to Steve for the concise, on-target updates when new content is added. I wish other webmasters were so responsive!

Want to find out about what The Celts were really like? Check out that site for information on reenactments, archaeology, and life in the Iron age in general.

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