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(February 25, 1997: travel) Bord Fáilte, the Irish Tourist Board, now has a web site. From my rather hasty first glance, it seems to have a wealth of information, and a very useful search engine for locating just the right Bed & Breakfast for you. I'm impressed... and mad (I wish they'd had this last year before my holiday in Ireland!

(August 14, 1996): I've finally started to write a Travelogue describing my recent holiday/vacation in Ireland (in June 1996). It includes information on some interesting places I visited, and some wonderful Bed & Breakfast houses that I'd recommend to anyone. These were Villa Maria in Burren, Co. Clare, The Three Arches near Louisburgh, Co. Mayo, and Fern Lodge just outside Skibbereen, Co. Cork. I've started scanning in some selected photos and will do more.

Did you know there's at least one B&B on the web? It's in Dingle, called the Old Stone House; I didn't make it there this time, but you can book via email (and may need to; the web has been "very good" to them!). I came across them when scouting for interesting places to go before the vacation.

(August 6, 1996): It was ironic that I found The Burren Home Page that Mary Comber has set up, after I came back from actually being there. This is a fascinating area in northwest County Clare in Ireland, and Mary's pages give you a very comprehensive picture of what it's really like.

(August 6, 1996): I found this quite a while ago, but it's developed quite a bit since I first visited the site this year. It's called Mayo on the Move and has rather a lot of resources listed therein (including an on-line magazine called Mayo Alive). If you're even thinking of visiting that part of Ireland, you should probably browse through these pages first. Now if only I can convince Michael that Linux on an Intel system is not only better than ms-dos/win/win95 on the same platform but also better than MacOS on any platform... :-)

If you would like a rather nice guide to Northern Ireland, look at the Northern Ireland Information Centre (1996 March 13), complete with a page called Northern Ireland Wants Peace. If enough people want something, it happens...

If you're in the US, and interested in seeing the "real" Ireland on a tour with a small number of people and knowledgeable tour guides, have a look at what Celtica Tours has to offer. It's run by someone who really has her pulse on the traditional Irish Music scene and sounds intriguing. There's also some discography on Irish music artists including Cherish the Ladies, Eileen Ivers, Robbie O'Connell, etc.

How about a visit to Cork City, Ireland?, courtesy of Niall McDonnell. Thanks to Adrian Power for pointing this one out to me.

If you're from Dublin, you'll remember the Strawberry Beds, just west of the Phoenix Park. Garvan Browne (currently at the University of Iowa) has assembled a very nice web page on the locale. He's also got a good selection of Irish links (makes me realise how out of date mine is!)

The Dublin Pub of the Week (and chipper of the month), Irish Looper Politician of the Week, International Looper Politician of the Week, and more, can be found on The Standish Weekly News (from Sunday May 21, 1995). This comes to you courtesy of John Lowe (whose home page includes The Irish Film Production Database). (For the uninitiated, a chipper refers to a Fish & Chip shop, a location where one can indulge in greasy fried breaded fish and greasier chips (French fries) often wrapped in newspaper; or that's what I remember!)

Here are three interesting links for those of you interested in Jobs back home, or in just taking a holiday ("Vacation" in American English). Forwarded to me by John Feeley of Software Expressions:

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