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(January 22, 1997: Politics) I remember, when growing up in Dublin, many activists trying hard to protect older buildings around the city that were in danger of being bulldozed in favour of (better?) more modern buildings. I wonder how well some of those newer buildings are doing now, 25 or so years later... if this sort of thing concerns you, then perhaps you should have a look at Tony Lowes' Irish Think Again Hilton Website. The problem with older buildings is that once they're gone, you can never bring them back.

(December 25, 1996: Politics) Although you may have seen it elsewhere (via the IE, on soc.culture.irish, etc., you can also see President Robinson's Christmas Address here.

(December 25, 1996: Politics) There's a controversial proposal currently under consideration to incorporate over 4000 acres of County Clare into the City of Limerick. Clare Against Boundary Extension is a newly-formed organisation that, as its name suggests, is opposed to this annexation. There's a a petition on-line at that web site if you're interested.

For all of us Irish emigrants, it's worth a moment to check out the Irish Emigrant Vote Campaign (1996 March 17) if you are interested in the issue of votes for Irish Emigrants. It includes details on current Government plans on this topic, and more. There's another page on this topic that I've yet to check out... Interesting reading.

You can read the text of President Mary Robinson's St. Patrick's Day Message for both 1996 (Tá sé ar fáil as Gaeilge freisin), and for 1995. I've also got a copy of her address to a joint session of the Irish houses of parliament (Dáil & Seanad) in early 1995. Courtesy of Liam Ferrie, here is the complete text of that message.

Recent Important Political Documents

Thanks to Derek Black for helping me compile this list.

Government Shenanigans

As many of you know, the Irish Coalition Government between Fianna Fáil and Labour collapsed late in 1994 and now a "Rainbow Coalition" of Fine Gael, Labour and Democratic Left has formed a new government with John Bruton as Taoiseach. All the gory details can be found at http://slarti.ucd.ie/election/, put together by the UCD Projects Group.

The European Union

If you are interested in European politics, the European Union Basics Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list has its own web page. The text version is accessible via gopher. You can also get information on The European Union and Internet.

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