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[IrishNet] August 25, 1996: From the same people who brought you Ceolas, comes a new initiative: IrishNet: a directory of Irish resources and organisations in America. This looks to be one of the most comprehensive resource I've found in a long time. To quote from their about page:

... to use the internet to bridge the gap between Irish people and Irish-related organisations abroad, which so often a hard time finding each other.


If you want a way to find something ­ or someone you used to know ­ Irish, then you could do worse than check out E-Search. You might even find me in there :-).

Irish and related sites on the Web

This section probably needs updating; I just don't have the time anymore to do much web crawling. And, as I said earlier, I am not an Irish yahoo!

(June 28, 1999). Fiddler's Green is a place you know well... or should. No, not the one where Fishermen go if they don't go to .... but (to quote its author) "A site dedicated to Ireland, Irish Culture, and the Irish Presence in Newfoundland". Very interesting reading, nicely ordered links (something I could learn a lesson from!), good content on the Newfoundland history and Irish connection, and a talented artist behind it all.

(July 7, 1998: Resources) I've been meaning to make reference of Alica Kehoe's (dual-homed) work on the web for some time now; I've had a link on my home page for some time but not here (shame on me). She recently split the Irish resources off into their own page. Lots of interesting goodies there! For those who've been around the net a while, you might be interested to know that Alice has a rather famous son: Brendan, of Zen and the Art of the Internet fame.

(January 31, 1997: Resources; updated Feb. 5, 2000) One of the most common questions I got in the early days of this page was help in tracing one's ancestors. Now there's The Irish Ancestral Research Association based in Boston; they're non-profit, non-political, and have a nicely assembled set of web pages.

A good starting point for Irish web pages is Ger Mulcahy's map (Ger is at the Computer Centre, UCD). A list of Irish Servers was maintained by Liam Relihan (who moved to New Jersey [njit] a few years ago, then moved back) at the University of Limerick which details many web servers in Ireland.

Joe Desbonnet, formerly (?) of University College Galway, started deploying a wombat web server back in the mid 1990's, and apparently it's now gone commercial. It still has just about anything you'd want to know about Galway, including a Complete Guide To Galway. Alas, the weather system formerly operated by Joe called Odie seems to have disappeared (or been renamed) so I had to zap my link to his weather image page.

Shawn Mehan was one of the first webmasters to create a very comprehensive set of Gaelic web pages. These (and mirror copies of the audio files from our former RTÉ to Everywhere experiment) were set up on the SunSite server (now metalab) at UNC. Shawn has since moved on to better things; I believe he's still at Sabhal Mór Ostaig (SMO) in the Western Scottish Highlands.

(Updated October 7, 2002) It's not strictly Irish or Celtic, but the Dual Citizenship FAQ is a very useful resource compiled by Rich Wales. He's not a lawyer, but he knows more than a little something about the topic. Plus, he runs FreeBSD, an open source operating system for Intel and other systems based on Berkeley Unix (like Linux, only different!)...

Electronic Frontier Ireland now have their own set of web pages (and their own domain name). If you're in Ireland, you could do a lot worse than join them... They are the Irish equivalent of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) which I like to think of as the Civil Liberties Union of Cyberspace. Not just good causes, but vital to the functioning of our society (IMNSHO at least).

FTP Internet sites

I've deleted this section; the ftp protocol has mostly been subsumed by the web, though it was enough of a distinct system back in 1993 when these pages were created to merit a separate section. Besides, all the resources I had in here were either no longer present or duplicated on other web servers.

Mailing Lists (listservs, majordomos, etc)

There are several mailing lists that are of interest too, including the following. They come from the National Information Server on the listserv.hea.ie host. As far as I know, they all have policies against commercial "spamming" so dont' even think of trying... The links get you to the archives of these lists if any.

There are more lists than what I present here (e.g. UCCORK-L, DUBLIN, IRSAINFO, ...) but as I tend to think highly of those that promote the celtic languages and culture, that's mostly what I show here.

To subscribe to any of the above (say you want CELTIC-L), send a one-line email to listserv@listserv.hea.ie with the line:

subscribe celtic-l Bilbo Baggins

except substitute your real name (not your email address) for "Bilbo Baggins". Send a single-word message HELP to the listserv address for more details.

Many of these can be set to digest mode; this may be handy for the high volume lists.By giving the command -- in an email message to the listserv address (see above) -- e.g., SET GAELIC-L DIGEST you can receive the lists in a daily digest as opposed to having them trickle in one at a time. You need to subscribe to the list first of course.

Other Selected Mailing Lists

Note: By using the email addresses as presented here, you agree to respect the wishes, rights, and preferences of the owners, administrators, and list members. Don't spam them or the curse of Mary Murphy will be on you... (look at the end of that page). Also, I haven't checked whether these lists are alive or not; updates on their status would be appreciated if you happen to know; drop me a note if you know about them.

Usenet Resources

There are many Usenet newsgroups of interest:

No doubt there are more by the time you read this.

Other Resources

The Irish Social and Information Club of Atlanta (aka "The Irish Club of Atlanta") represent about 150 members, most of whom are recent immigrants from Ireland. The purpose of the club is as a self-help society to help each other get started in Atlanta through job contacts, advice on Apartments, Banks, cars, etc. Of course, they get together several times a month just for a few brews too! (No, I'm not a member; 450 miles is a bit too much of a commute :-)

There's a cable channel available in the US called CelticVision. Unfortunately, it's not widely available and in fact vanished for a while in the late 1990's. When I checked in March 1999, the page just said "Please visit us next month when the site will be ready". Pulling down the view info menu item from my browser showed the page was most recently modified in December 1998. Anyone out there know what's up?

The Calendar of Events in Ireland as issued by Liam Ferrie, is available from the Irish Emigrant.

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