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I welcome and encourage personal (not bulk) e-mail that might have something to do with Astronomy, things Irish & Celtic, the Thistle & Shamrock NPR show (though I don't work for them, and no longer maintain the radio stations list), dog-related items, Linux, my wife's books, or issues that I feel strongly about. I do not want any unsolicited bulk or commercial email (UCE/UBE/spam). I have a very extensive set of procmail based mail filter rules, and use SpamAssassin to its fullest (quite successfully).

By submitting this web form, you're telling me you agree with the terms listed below, and you understand my web server will record your current IP address, the email address you enter, and the date. Unless you specifically ask me otherwise, I will NEVER use your email address in any mailing list or for purposes other than responding (individually!) to your attempted communication with me, tracing net.abuse or debugging this facility if it's broken.

Like I said, comments and correspondence from individuals are welcome (no commercial solicitations, please). Please fill in your name, your e-mail address, the category you want to write to me about, a subject, and then type (or paste) in your message, and press send. NO SMART QUOTES PLEASE, and try to put in real newlines at the end of each line (not just one per paragraph). Thanks.

Oh, and please remember to fill in your e-mail address fully if you want a response; otherwise I will likely not be able to figure it out!

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Here's what I'm asking, in brief.

  1. Don't send me unsolicited commercial or bulk email (spam, UCE, UBE).
  2. Don't sign me up to mailing lists without my explicit consent.
  3. Don't sell any information about me to anyone else.
  4. Be yourself (use your real email address; the sendmail user+tag convention is fine).
  5. Don't forge emails that look like they come from me.
  6. Don't try any other forms of abuse or harrassment.

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