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[Pat Murphy's Maze of Twisty Little Passages]

Book Passages

The Dreaming / Walks
                 Through Mist
At Coachlight
Also at Amazon
Whispers from the Grave
At Coachlight
Also at Amazon
Whispers Through Time
At Coachlight
Also at Amazon
Promise & Honor
At Coachlight
Also at Amazon
Honor & Glory
At Coachlight
Also at Amazon
Glory & Promise
At Coachlight
Also at Amazon
My Significant Other has a trilogy of Historical Fiction Novels: Promise & Honor (Manassas through Fredericksburg), Honor & Glory (up to Appomattox), and Glory & Promise (Reconstruction). She also has a cool Civil War Ghost story (on right): Whispers from the Grave that has received fantastic reviews.

These are all available at Coachlight Press as well as Amazon and elsewhere. All prejudice aside, they are all darn good books. If you don't take my word for it, check the reviews, go read the excerpts, and maybe even buy a copy!
Bygone Days
Bygone Days was a Historical "E-Zine" published by a very talented pair of ladies (one of whom I happen to be married to). High quality content to be found there... (and yes, I did have a little to do with designing the web pages; the GIMP helped too).

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