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Some Ancient Passages from my "Hot List"

Well, they were goodies at one point, but I haven't maintained this list very often or very well. Caveat Emptor. See my Net.People page for what a "Hot List" is. Old time web hacks know all about it.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (see my causes page) used to have this resource called the EFF Guide to the Internet. This was formerly known as the Big Dummy's Guide to the Internet; I think I preferred the older title! It's mainly of historic interest now.

The United States Constitution. See the Irish/Celtic section for the Irish Constitution.

The Nine Planets (yes, dammit, NINE!), a multimedia tour of the Solar System. This site started on the SEDS web server at the Lunar and Planetary Lab on the University of Arizona campus in Tucson, AZ.

My all-time favourite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation is without hesitation The Inner Light. Here's another site with a description of the episode. Looks like I'm not the only one who likes it.

I'll put something about Babylon 5 here soon. Not that there's any shortage of info out there on the series... watching it night after night on TNT in early 1998 was, well, quite intense. Do I think Star Trek is better than B5? Zog!

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