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Happy to Meet, Sorry to Part

Yes, I am a Horslips fan

This set of pages is under erratically scheduled maintenance so watch for those pesky orange barrels. Hmm... of all the "under construction" images I've seen on the web, I don't think I've yet seen an orange barrel. How strange. It's not as if those of us in the US (and elsewhere?) don't have to contend with them almost every day!

Even though I did an overhaul of these pages in November 2007 (and before that, in 1999) I have not updated all of the content or checked every single link. I created the "maze" back in 1993 when the web was young, and the (then single) page was a lot smaller. Now I've got to worry about learning XHTML and CSS and (gack!) AJAX (check the ultimate source for web standards if you haven't already).

So, as I might say to some of my colleagues back in Ireland, Slán go Fóill, agus tar arais. I'd probably say "So long, and y'all come back now, hear?" to my colleagues around here!

Quote of the moment (seen on a bumper sticker of a trekkie/trekker [hey, the license plate said "ENGAGE"!]):

Enjoy Life
This is NOT a rehearsal!

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