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Miscellaneous Passages

While many mailing lists have really good list owners, some are not so fortunate. Power can corrupt... As an attempt to circumvent this, I came up with a
Mailing List Owner's Code Of Ethics. Make of it what you will.

Do you get annoyed when someone accuses you of something you didn't (and can't) do? Like saying "you sent us this virus, you're a bad person" just because they trust the "From:" line of a virus-laden e-mail? Well, I do. Here's why.

30 things people actually said in court. You have to wonder how many were held in contempt (or that brought the proceedings to an uproarious halt!)

The Rules of Chocolate. We all know them...

The Rules, required reading for any male. Or female, come to think of it... find out who's always right (unless she wants to be wrong).

The Emacs versus Vi wars (the "grinch" emacs one is always popular around Christmastime). With thanks to Chuck Musciano... (I saved the vi "song" from back in the old sun-spots digest days; remember them?)

GOOD TIMES VIRUS!... not. Wish I knew who came up with this parody; they deserve an award!

The State of Education; should we laugh or cry?

The nine types of users; Humour only a sysadmin can appreciate. This predates both the BOFH hierarchy, any cabal (TINC) and even alt.sysadmin.recovery!

A day in the life of a sysadmin; you think this is a joke???? Again, this predates the BOFH phenomenon.

The Valley of the Shadow shows a little of what life was like around these parts (Central Virginia) during the US Civil War (1861-1865).

Information about recent Earthquakes.

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